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ChangeraTM are Change Management Consultants with a mindful difference

We are living in a technologically driven, fast moving society. In order to thrive, all organisations have to become flexible and fluid; constantly evolving to meet the needs of global changing markets. We help private and public sector organisations to plan, manage and successfully deliver change and its consequential impact. We design workable health & wellbeing strategies that include the application of Mindfulness in a business and home life setting.

Whatever change is needed the answer to its success always lies in the people. We have extensive experience helping organisations to plan and manage change by never losing sight of the importance of people. Not only designing and delivering successful change programmes and Lean driven process improvements, but also in ensuring on-going support for those impacted by the change. If you’d like to see how ChangeraTM can help you manage a change call Brian Johnson on +44 (0) 7850 389 610


ChangeraTM have been involved in developing and implementing Change Management support for transformational programmes in complex environments, for more than thirty years and in this time we have developed our own, highly successful approach to change management.


ChangeraTM have a wealth of practical experience in applying Mindfulness techniques to the many facets of people’s lives. We work with individuals on a one to one basis to help deal with work and life issues and sport development.


ChangeraTM courses are designed for the practice of Mindfulness In work, in Life in General, in Stress and Change Management


Mindfulness makes us aware of how our mind, thoughts and feelings work so that instead of being overwhelmed by them we’re able to manage them in a work, life or sport setting.

We apply the principles of mindfulness to all our work.