Bespoke Team Coaching Overview (Example)

Course Overview

This course can provide an understanding to the effects of prolonged excessive pressure and enables participants to determine how vulnerable they are as an individual to the effects. Having understood the effects, participants will be guided in creating their own self-assessment of their stressors/triggers at home and work and create a practical plan of actions they can use to manage areas within their control and help cope with those that aren’t.

The practice of mindfulness is then introduced, providing a snapshot introduction to mindfulness and stress reduction techniques using two or more fundamental guided practices from a full 8 week courses.

Alternatively, the course can be designed just to provide a snapshot introduction to the development of mental strength, process thinking and mindfulness techniques using a variety of tools and two or more fundamental guided practices from the full 8 week mindfulness courses.

Persuasive scientific research over the past 10-15 years has demonstrated that mindfulness activates and even grows areas of the brain associated with focus and concentration, personal and contextual awareness, cognitive performance, emotional intelligence, insight and creativity, happiness and contentment, and the ability to break old habits and form new ones.

Regardless of course design, the sessions include guided practical exercises and group discussions led by an experienced mindfulness facilitator in a friendly atmosphere with a maximum of 20 participants.

Who Should Attend

This course and coaching is particularly suitable for any group, team or individual with an inquiring mind to find out more about themselves, their colleagues and as needed, how to cope at times of change or pressure. A diverse range of people can benefit from any level of the business spectrum.

Course Schedule & Delivery

These courses will be taught over one or more sessions lasting 3 – 7 hours each depending on requirements/design.  Participants will be provided with information sheets to understand how they can think about integrating simple mental strength development and mindfulness into their daily working and home lives.

Delivery is in a Face to Face class room setting.

To discuss your requirement or to learn more about how Changera can help you or your team take a different perspective on the sports you play or just on life in general, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.