Bespoke 8 week course teaching mindfulness and how it can be incorporated into the Business Workplace.

Course Overview

As with the standard 8 week course, the bespoke version provides a gradual introduction to mindfulness and stress reduction techniques over eight weekly classes. Where it differs is that it is totally designed around your business, its requirements and the way it operates.

Each class includes guided meditations, group discussions and practical exercises led by an experienced facilitator in a warm, friendly atmosphere with a maximum of 15 participants. These can be individuals, teams or a mixture of both.

This course teaches a valuable life and business skill, the development of which requires a personal commitment to maintaining regular practice for the duration of the course.

Who Should Attend

This course is suitable for beginners, as well as those wishing to refresh their mindfulness practice. A diverse range of people can attend from those operating under “Business as Usual” conditions, those about to go through, or those already going through change.

Course Schedule & Delivery

This course will be taught over eight weekly classes. Each class will be between 2 and 2.5 hours long. In between classes, participants will follow a defined course book, reading on average a chapter per week and practicing regularly via a complementary CD to facilitate independent practice and the integration of mindfulness into participant’s daily business lives.

Delivery is in a Face to Face class room setting at your company, personal or club location, or via electronic medium for remote locations such as Skype.

To discuss your requirement or to learn more about how Changera can help you or your team take a different perspective on the sports you play or just on life in general, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.