In Sport

They say that mental strength in sports is 90 percent of performance. Yet, we spend the majority of our time, effort and money on physical and technical training — including everything from gear and coaches to gym memberships and sports massages. All that leaves little time to focus on our mental game.

In any competitive situation, it’s only natural that your adrenaline starts to pump. Your heart beats faster. Your palms may get sweaty. You may feel butterflies in your stomach. But are you focused, ready to perform to the best of your ability and connected with the present moment? Or, does your mind flood with thoughts of previous errors or jump ahead to future outcomes like a dropped ball, missed net or goal or a slow finish time?
When our brains get caught up in these thoughts from the past…or thoughts of the future…it creates a stress response, and we can’t use the part of the brain that keeps us engaged in the moment, This mental chatter can make it difficult to maintain perspective and focus, difficult to make good decisions or to stay composed.

Mindfulness gives us the skills to build mental strength in sports we love and to maximize our performance.

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