Change is All Around and In Us

Have you noticed how many things change in your life on a daily basis until they become part of the landscape and we can’t remember what it used to be like?

Just driving around the countryside can make that point in a big way. A big field on the outskirts of town has become a new housing estate or filled with new businesses that now seem to be right in the centre of the shopping district. We notice that children once playing in the street are home for spring break from university or that your child’s best friend at school is now your bank manager knowing every detail of your financial portfolio.

Or at work, you have just been asked to take on another piece of work before finishing the last project but have also gained a promotion. You have also noticed that John in accounts is now no longer there and that HR has been outsourced.

These are the changes that we relate to the passage of time and they are constant and encompassing whether in our home lives or at work. Often home life and work life can merge bringing additional pressures.

But in addition to these, what about the changes that happen on the inside? Those close to us have their own front-row seat to how we are changing and adapting to the world- or not!

Sometimes we can get out of sync with what is going on around us and that has the potential for getting in the way of enjoying life. Some of it is the fear of the unknown so being stuck in the past and determined to stay there as that is what we know.

Alternatively, in a car or even in ourselves, we can sometimes drive for miles on “automatic pilot”, without really being aware of what we are doing. In the same way, we may not be really “present”, moment-by-moment, for much of our lives: on automatic pilot, we are more likely to have our “buttons pressed”: Events around us and thoughts, feelings and sensations in the mind (of which we may be only dimly aware) can trigger old habits of thinking that are often unhelpful and may lead to worsening mood or even anxiety and depression.

As tough as it is, changes do and will continue to occur giving us a multitude of new experiences. One of the key principles of change is to recognize and acknowledge that it is needed. This seems pretty logical but it is often not easy.

Humans have a particular propensity for not seeing the truth about themselves. We do two things on a regular basis: we misrepresent the facts or we omit them, both of which have the result of keeping us from getting to the core of who we are and why we do the things we do.

What we are talking about here is denial, which goes hand-in-hand with defensiveness. Denial extinguishes possibilities and that’s something none of us can afford. Defensiveness blocks the recognition that change is needed. Do you need to make a few changes to get into the 21st century?

Our approach

We offer a range of approaches that work with individuals or families to help you understand change and to support you through your own personal journey to bring out the very best in you or to give you sa much more rewarding life’s experience.

Whether in your work or home life we have a number of ways that we can help from understanding change and the impact on you to how you can think about it differently and positively and start to embrace it.
We will initially meet with you to understand you as an individual and the perceived or real change and its reaction you are going through. We will then tailor a support package to your exact needs to enable you to understand what triggers effect a reaction in you and how you can manage them. An on-going action plan will be devised and on-going support provided.

We offer various support models including general awareness on working with everyday pressures to build resilience through to full blown Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programmes tailored to your own personal needs.

Our Mindfulness courses are also offered as part of a package that should be applied at any time; not just at times of change as Mindfulness has been shown to allow people to:

  • focus/concentrate better
  • improve decision making
  • communicate more clearly
  • lead healthier lives with fewer instances of illness
  • cope with what life had to throw at us

Your health and wellbeing and that of your family is the most important thing in life so stop worrying about change and start thinking positive.

To discuss your requirement or to learn more about how ChangeraTM can help you with thinking about becoming more aware of your health & wellbeing, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.