And just when you thought you could name a few politicians who could use Mindfulness to help in their decision making

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You can learn perhaps they already have! A number of articles and documents have appeared showing the practice has been taught to politicians across the political and house divide.  In the science and technology section of “Prospect” magazine, MPs and Peers were seen taking off their shoes, exploring how meditation-style techniques can be used in policy and asking what a more mindful politics might look like. Then, if we dig down into an earlier debate in the House of Lords, we can see that the subject of mindfulness was raised by

Lord Stone of Blackheath (Lab – column 1406 at 2.50 pm in the debate) both at a personal level and highlighting that it is being taught in schools.

Perhaps the jury is still out on how much some others have been practicing!

Prospect Magazine article:

Parliamentary publications: