Health & well being strategies and the impact of change on people

Critical to the success of any improvement project, no matter small or large, are the people directly or indirectly affected by the proposed change.

The impact on individuals should not be underestimated particularly when they feel they are under pressure, stressed or anxious about their futures or the roles they are expected to perform. Often home life and work life can merge bringing additional pressures.


We have seen from years of experience that the way people are supported through their individual and collective changes will ultimately define the true realisation of the planned benefits of any change and also enhance or damage corporate reputation. We can therefore supply and indeed recommend that clients provide effective strategies for supporting staff that will either remain as part of the organisation or leave the organisation for whatever reason. Everyone one will be on their own separate change journeys whether perceived to be positively or negatively affected.

Our approach

We offer a holistic approach that listens to and assesses your needs and considers the right way forward given your company’s unique situation.

We’ve learnt that to succeed and remain agile in today’s business environment, companies must both manage specific journeys of change for individuals while simultaneously building the ongoing ability to manage continuous improvement and change ensuring that expected business benefits are fully achieved.
A typical programme begins with the output from a 360 degree view of the planned business change and the management processes in place being used to identify and map the change subjects (Functions/departments, affected processes, job roles, systems etc.) that will be impacted by the change and what will be the actual impact on them?
We often use some basic questions:

  • Are different skills required to use the new process (or tool, or methods)? Are they related to the existing skills?
  • How much of a change does this represent to the person/people performing the work? Will this create more work or less?
  • Where did the request or idea for the change come from? Do the new processes address a problem identified by the people doing the work or is the primary source external eg a customer
  • Will this change result in staff changes, reallocation or reassignments? Do people believe it will?
  • What is the level of additional effort required to make the change?

A composite change plan will then be created to a level of detail to manage the transition to future state using a number of direct and indirect strategies. Within the plan will be an assessment of engagement success of current support schemes offered by the organisation and how might engagement be improved.

Some of the direct strategies that we offer are general awareness workshops on working with everyday pressures to build resilience through to full blown Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programmes or Mindfulness in the Workplace courses tailored to the needs of your business, its workplace and the change to be embarked upon. Health and wellbeing risk assessment, risk management and monitoring are also both offered and recommended along with the necessary interfacing with local Occupational Health/support systems.

Our Mindfulness courses and Leadership coaching programmes are also offered as part of a package that should be applied at any time; not just at times of change as Mindfulness has been shown to allow leaders and staff to:

  • focus/concentrate better
  • improve decision making
  • communicate more clearly
  • improve team working or creativity
  • be able to handle workplace conflict more appropriately
  • lead healthier lives with fewer instances of illness absenteeism

The health and well being of all staff is important and the provision of support through periods of change is the corporate responsibility of an employer that invests in its staff.

To discuss your requirement or to learn more about how Changera can help you with delivering successful change management, please contact us for a no obligation discussion.